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Stel Valavanis, founder and CEO of onShore Security and investor in several early stage companies. He graduated from the University of Chicago in 1988 with a Bachelor’s degree in Physics. Stel held a number of technical positions at the University of Chicago, before founding onShore. He formed his first business as a teen in 1981, producing and distributing Apple II software packages. He is active in the startup community as a member of Chicago Archangels, participating in many events and mentoring entrepreneurs. He currently serves on the board of directors the ACLU of Illinois, The Lane 2nd Century Foundation, and 23E Studios, and advisory boards and committees for several other organizations and companies.

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Prominent cybersecurity firms such as Microsoft and FireEye were victims of the SolarWinds attack and also the first to identify it.
Feb 25, 2021    0

Detecting the SolarWinds Hack

The cybersecurity world has been overtaken with concern over a state-sponsored cyberattack perpetrated by Russian intelligence agents against multiple federal agencies, including those responsible for our nuclear stockpile. Prominent cybersecurity firms such as Microsoft and FireEye, who were also victims of the attack, were the first to identify it. 

Their internal networks were accessed, undetected, since March of 2020, and the attackers...