Laura Shields


Laura Shields is a journalist (specialising in technology and finance) and media trainer who works between Brussels and London.<br /><br />After graduating from Cambridge University in 2000, Laura worked as a London-based journalist specialising in financial news and US politics. After three years as a producer for CNN and CNBC's European business programmes she moved to BBC News as the Economics and Business Analyst. From February 2007 Laura produced political and financial news for BBC Radio 4's flagship <em>World at One</em> and <em>PM</em> programmes. She also worked as a producer of feature packages, helping to shape the department's coverage of the credit crunch. <br /><br />Laura was chosen to be a key member of the BBC's US Election Night television coverage in November 2008 and reported on Barack Obama's inauguration for the World Service in January 2009. She also ran seminars for BBC journalists on UK economics, energy and international trade and development. She was a contributor to the BBC website and has had her work published in the <em>Daily Express</em>.<br /><br />Laura is now working as a journalist and media trainer in Brussels and London. Her clients include large consumer goods companies, technology and financial services firms, several NGOs and a UN agency.