Business Process

Benchmarks Versus Best Practices
Jul 23, 2021    0
A topic that comes up time and time again in discussions with clients is the idea of benchmarks as a means to drive high performance. Are benchmarks valuable? How much emphasis should we place on...
Julian Nyarko: Stickiness and Incomplete Contracts
Jul 14, 2021    0
Julian Nyarko, assistant professor at Stanford Law School, has researched an interesting concept he calls contract “stickiness.” His findings? Once a contract’s terms or covenants...
Workforce Retention
Jun 28, 2021    0
With unemployment claims skyrocketing to almost 10 million at the end of March and expected to jump by millions more, COVID-19-driven economic jolts have quickly shifted the labor environment to the...
Semantic Folding is Solving the Problem of Too Many Emails
May 20, 2021    0
Email management is a bigger challenge every year. In 2019, business email accounted for more than 128.8 billion emails sent and received per day, according to the Radicati Group. Adding to the...
From supply chain management vendors to supplier management services, there are different ways companies can manage their risks using third-party sources.
May 07, 2021    0
Enterprise risk has never been a higher priority for businesses, executives and procurement practitioners than right now in light of the COVID-19 crisis. The coronavirus disruption has only...
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