Information Technology

The sourcing roadmap can also help executives define strategies around Artificial Intelligence and digital capabilities, and how innovation initiatives can meet evolving needs.
Sep 04, 2020    0
When the COVID-19 global pandemic struck, businesses faced the task of rapidly shifting office-based employees to remote environments. Today, the primary focus is on managing these makeshift...
While the work of the AI/ML standards group is still in its early stages, the promise of this and the other Explorer working groups is real.
Aug 20, 2020    0
When SCTE•ISBE, a cable telecommunications industry group, launched the Explorer initiative, which encompasses seven new working groups to set standards for the industry, it surprised some...
To reap the benefits of AI, piloting a Proof of Concept (known as a PoC) is a logical first step to building your own AI models or solutions.
Aug 05, 2020    0
Historically, for organizations looking to improve their top or bottom line and gain competitive advantage, leveraging technology has always been considered. As we enter the next industrial...
Four Critical Attributes of Marketing Software
Jul 15, 2020    0
It’s no secret that marketing and technology have become deeply entwined over the past two decades. Largely because of digital technologies, the methods, tactics and channels used by marketers...
Artificial Intelligence
Jul 01, 2020    0
I've been working in the financial services space for close to thirty years now. I've seen many trends and technologies emerge. Some take hold, and several are just a flash in the pan....
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