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Carlos M. Meléndez is the COO and Co-Founder of Wovenware an artificial intelligence and software development company based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Mr. Meléndez has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a Juris Doctor both from the University of Puerto Rico. Mr. Meléndez is also the Vice Chairman of the Board of ConPRmetidos a non-profit organization that connects people to foster commitment with the personal, social and economic development of Puerto Rican communities wherever they are.

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When selecting an outsourcing partner, the business must balance its risk appetite with the ability to maintain business critical activities.
May 24, 2022    0

In business, actions with the greatest payoff can sometimes be risky. This certainly applies to outsourcing software development, AI projects or IT support to third parties. While it can help you get your digital transformation projects off the ground, accelerate timelines and provide you with the scarce tech talent while reducing the cost of full-time internal employees, there will always be a level of risk associated with it.

From natural disasters to pandemics, or civil and...

Nearshoring digital transformation projects is becoming the fastest route to success for today’s businesses given the great worker resignation and the tech talent shortage.
Mar 21, 2022    0

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, citing analysis by COMPTIA, in January 2022 employers posted close to 340,000 unfilled IT job openings, which was 11% higher than the 12-month average. The huge demand for software and AI expertise can be attributed to heightened demand for IT services brought on by the pandemic, but also a growing tech talent...

How the Pandemic Changed Outsourcing for the Foreseeable Future
Jul 13, 2021    0

Because of the vulnerabilities that the pandemic has laid bare, many companies are re-thinking their sourcing strategies. While these issues have been most apparent in goods produced overseas, companies are also re-evaluating the wisdom of relying on providers in far-off locations with different time zones and geographies for outsourced services, such as AI and software development. For this reason, according to consulting firm MJV Technology & Innovation, the interest of Fortune 500...

Could Puerto Rico Become the Next Big Tech Haven?
Jun 09, 2021    0

During the 2006 economic downturn in Puerto Rico, many jobs were lost and people left the island. Fast forward to 2017 when Hurricane Maria made the problem even worse. People left the island in masses; and many didn’t come back. It’s often said that every Puerto Rican knows someone who died and someone who left as a result of the devastation. 

It was a dire few decades for the U.S. territory, but the rebuilding is well underway (with...

Nearshore Digital Transformation
Feb 04, 2021    0

Given the supply chain disruption, business shut-downs and economic uncertainty caused by COVID-19, it’s never been clearer — doing business closer to your own shores is coming back into vogue.

With recent restrictions on H-1B workers and a tech talent shortage, selecting a nearshorer is fast becoming the first step on a company’s digital transformation journey.

The benefits of working with an outsourcing provider close to home have long been touted. It...

Nearshoring, however, provides the innovation, skillset and diversity to keep tech innovation moving forward with or without visa restrictions.
Oct 12, 2020    0

In June 2020, in response to the coronavirus, President Trump signed an executive order to freeze access to new H-1B visas for professional and technology workers doing business in the U.S. This has a huge impact, considering in 2019 about 139,000 new H-1B petitions were approved, joining 250,00 which were extended.

Those that agree with the...

When it comes to sourcing professional services to help grow their businesses, companies will increasingly find some level of comfort and convenience by partnering with those closer to home.
Aug 03, 2020    0

A Wall Street Journal article recently posed an interesting question: “Is the world likely to become less flat because of the pandemic?” According to the article, while globalization was the growing trend in the early part of the new century, key drivers such as rising offshore costs, localization and a shift toward services delivery has begun to...

Avoiding data Bias
May 01, 2020    0

AI is taking off in all areas of business and in our daily lives – from improving agriculture and predicting where forest fires might erupt to determining who is likely to return to a hospital after discharge. With advanced GPUs that can crunch more data faster and growing demand from companies looking to increase...

This Isn’t Your Father’s Outsourcer
Dec 13, 2019    0
Technology transformation is not only having a major impact on industries around the globe, but it is also helping to shape the future of IT outsourcing. I recently came across an article written by Deloitte principals in CIO Journal, “Five Forces Shaping Outsourcing for Tomorrow,” that touched on the prerequisites for an effective outsourcing model for digital...
Aug 21, 2019    0
AI is taking the market by storm. It’s everywhere. When you call customer service and end up “speaking” with chatbots or get recommendations based on past buying habits, it’s AI at work. In financial services it’s helping specialists run risk models; enabling telecom to build Self-Optimizing Networks (SONs) that automatically improve network quality based on...