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Philip Ideson is the founder, editor and host of the Art of Procurement Network.  His prior experience includes work at Accenture, Ally Financial Inc., and Chiquita Brands International Corporation. 

The Art of Procurement podcast delivers multi-channel learning and development programs to help procurement leaders increase the capabilities of their internal teams.
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Dec 13, 2018    0
If you’re just joining this series, welcome! We’ve been on a monthly journey through some of procurement’s most fundamental “truths,” challenging and questioning along the way. We’ve looked at the assumed correlation between spend value and category importance, the logic behind pursuing a strategy of supplier consolidation and the fallback notion that, when...
Dec 01, 2018    0
If you’re just joining us for this series, I’ve been challenging some of procurement’s most fundamental “truths” over the past few months. These are the perspectives that we usually adhere to and seldom question – at least until now. 
Oct 18, 2018    0
If you’re just joining this series, I’ve been writing about the importance of procurement being able to challenge our own fundamental truths. Last month, I focused specifically on the assumption that larger spend categories automatically have a higher level of importance. In this post, I am turning my attention to supplier consolidation. 
Sep 21, 2018    0
In my last post, I wrote about the need for procurement to stand up and confront our own “fundamental truths,” especially if we are interested in elevating the conversation and effectively transforming our ability to generate value for our organization. In this post, I focus on one of those truths: the greater the amount of ...
Aug 24, 2018    0
If we mean what we say about transformation, we have to be willing to question everything procurement does and how we do it. While procurement clamors for ‘transformation,’ I sometimes suspect that we are secretly hoping the solution will actually involve the rest of the organization awakening to the brilliance of our wisdom, and that they—not us—will do the majority of the changing.
Jul 12, 2018    0

I do a lot of reading about next-generation strategies, trends and tactics being employed by leading procurement organizations. Often, I find myself confronted by the notion of “best-in-class.  ...

Five tips to create a stronger relationship with stakeholders in your supply chain
Jun 22, 2018    0

Being an ally comes in many different shapes and sizes, requiring involvement at both the micro and macro levels. Whether it means showing support by demonstrating interest in a cause important to a friend, or personally taking action to further their cause, allies strengthen each other through committed relationships and shared effort. 

Your Program Manager is the most important person in an outsourcing project.
May 10, 2018    0

You have invested months of time – and many thousands of dollars – to reach this point in your outsourcing project. Your scope is defined and you have selected the best service provider in the business. The time has come to let the supplier’s experts loose in your business and watch the savings and efficiencies roll in. 

Or so you thought. 

The success of a...

Switching to outsourced strategic procurement and the steps to take
Apr 12, 2018    0

Making the switch to outsourced strategic procurement is not as simple as handing tasks and responsibilities to a third party. It requires wholesale change that starts from within. Someone in procurement needs to lead that change, and it may or may not be the CPO. What procurement needs to do is to find the catalysts in their midst.

A catalyst brings his or her own energy to each situation. If they are effective, they will also infuse others with that energy and rise as natural...