Steven Sargent

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Steven is a MCIPS qualified procurement professional with over 30 years’ experience.  For the majority of his career Steven has specialised in the purchasing of Marketing Services both in industry and as a consultant.  
Now as part of 4C’s Insight As A Service technology team, Steven is responsible for training and for incorporating 4C’s specialist category knowledge into the ‘4Spend’ software that analyses client spend.

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Combining AI Technology with Human Insights
Oct 02, 2019    0
Just like the invention of electricity, AI is set to transform every industry and according to McKinsey it will create $13 trillion of GDP growth by 2030, mostly in manufacturing, logistics, agriculture and education.  We need to be aware that AI initiatives require human data experts, and we could be well placed...
Feb 02, 2019    0
Artificial Intelligence (AI), is a much used and abused term, potentially at the top of its hype cycle.  In one of her recent speeches Theresa May identified AI as a major growth area for British businesses and Juniper research estimated that AI will save businesses $8 billion a year by 2020. AI is predicted to disrupt business and procurement over the next five years through the use...