Revamp Your Contract Management for 2020 and Beyond

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

With an ever-increasing number of vendors and supplier relationships, how are you guarding your business against surprise renewals and deadlines? It is more critical than ever that sourcing and procurement organizations invest in a digital contract management system in order to track contract statuses, monitor suppliers, and protect the business.  

On January 21, join Bryan Garcia, Sr. Director of Procurement Operations, from Kindred at Home and learn his expert tips on how to corral and conquer your contract chaos. Bryan will share how to choose the best contract management system for your business’ needs and how you can:

  • Learn best practices for implementing a digital contract repository
  • Use technology to help identify, track, and manage your obligations
  • Save time for your team by automating your contract workflows

Save your spot and discover how you can stop missing deadlines – for good! Register now: