S2C Synergy: Aligning Source-to-Contract Success and Stakeholder Satisfaction

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Procurement’s ability to deliver on its’ core value proposition – creating enterprise value by finding, contracting and managing the best suppliers capable of enhancing company profitability and market innovation – is inextricably linked to successful execution of the Source-to-Contract (S2C) cycle.  This session will break down the S2C process to identify the best practice processes and best-of-breed technologies that can ensure S2C success – both in terms of traditional Procurement-driven KPIs for savings and efficiency – but more importantly, ensuring that the S2C process is optimized and aligned with stakeholder expectations, including:

  • CPO’s desire for a seamless, integrated  S2C process with end-to-end visibility
  • CFO’s search for insights into the S2C drivers and levers that boost financial performance
  • CIO’s mandate for ease-of-integration with and leverage of existing ERP technology infrastructure
  • CSO’s focus on anticipating and averting supply chain risks
  • CLO’s need to balance contracting process efficiency with legal and regulatory compliance
  • Business user’s expectations for self-service information access and ease-of-use


Joe Clements, Director Power Generation Commercial Operations, LGE & KU Energy

Richard Waugh, VP Corporate Development, Zycus