SAP Ariba Live Sustainability Summit

Monday, April 1, 2019
SAP Ariba Live is one of the largest procurement and supply chain events globally, bringing together a diverse community of buyers, suppliers, and partners to experience the value of Ariba Network and discuss technology, innovation, and market trends.
SAP Ariba Live is where you can explore innovative solutions and analytics that can deliver powerful insights – insights into ways you can capitalize on the myriad opportunities presented by your job every day. Come see the potential of digital networks, emerging markets, and new technologies, and learn better ways to conquer market risks, changing business models, new competitors, and mountains of data.Businesses are eager to learn how they can improve sustainability in their supply chain and procurement operations and activate their purpose. This is the focus of the SAP Ariba Live Sustainability Summit. 

This inaugural event, scheduled for the first day of Ariba Live in Austin, will bring together the brightest sustainability experts and practitioners with businesses interested in discovering new tools, technologies, and resources to strengthen their sustainability programs. The half-day event will feature a keynote address, interactive group activities with actionable outcomes, and real-world business sustainability stories. 

The event will explore: 

  • Why sustainability matters to business success, customer and stakeholder loyalty,
    and our future
  • How businesses are identifying and activating their purpose
  • How to integrate technology solutions into business processes to strengthen
  • What sustainability outcomes businesses are achieving with these solutions