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Pierre-Francois Thaler is Co-founder and Co-CEO of EcoVadis, a supplier rating company that helps organizations institute corporate social responsibility (CSR) and various sustainability programs. Pierre brings 15 years of experience in procurement and developing innovative sourcing solutions. Prior to starting EcoVadis, Pierre was CEO of B2Build SA the first B2B marketplace for the European construction industry, and also served as a director of Ariba’s Procurement BPO business

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Sustainable Supply Chain
Jun 15, 2020    0

Environmental and social governance (ESG) and sustainability have quickly transitioned from “nice-to-haves” to essential components of creating long-term, measurable business value.

Private sector leaders are starting to advocate for the transition to a stakeholder-based business model, recognizing...

When Style Meets Sustainability: Making Responsible Procurement Fashionable
Aug 06, 2019    0
The fashion industry is growing at an impressive clip. By 2030, the sector is expected to be worth $3.3 trillion and will manufacture 102 million tons of clothes and shoes. But this substantial growth hasn’t come without a cost. Six years after the Rana Plaza disaster – the fashion industry’s day of reckoning when a factory for over...
Aug 30, 2018    0

Sustainability is a dominant topic in media, business and social conversations today, and one that communications and corporate responsibility departments in major multinational organizations have been eager to pursue. It makes sense—successful sustainability programs are not only good for our planet and people, but also are proven to drive business value. But what does 'success' look like for procurement teams contributing to organizational programs and results?  ...

Feb 18, 2017    0

As regulations and consumer pressures shift and organisations are increasingly exposed to risk – reputational and beyond – the procurement industry faces a critical juncture. This dynamic has created a business environment where sustainable procurement programs are no longer just nice to have, but an integral organisational function that is responsible for protecting and improving brand reputation, driving revenue and mitigating business risk.

Almost all organisations (97...