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Business Continuity Planning: Are You Planning for Tomorrow or Yesterday?

Posted: 08/31/2021 - 00:00
Business Continuity Planning: Are You Planning for Tomorrow or Yesterday?

Recently DATAMARK, Inc., held a webinar on Business Continuity Planning. The three panelists discussed what was missing or did not receive sufficient attention in business continuity plans and the repercussions it can have for businesses worldwide.

The panelists were largely in agreement that many plans fall short when assessing the human impact of a potential disaster such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Most plans tend to place a disproportionate emphasis on physical things like buildings, transportation arteries, communication networks and data centers.

Is digital transformation procurement’s secret weapon to boosting business agility?

Posted: 02/23/2021 - 09:00
Digital transformation: the secret weapon to agility.

As I reflect on the turbulence from this infamous last year, a predictable pattern has emerged: organizations that were able to digitally transform their business prior to the pandemic were able to mitigate most of the risks the pandemic presented to business continuity. In obvious contrast, organizations that hadn’t been able to do so fell victim to those risk factors. As we saw with numerous industries, businesses unable to shift their focus quickly during lockdown or acute supply chain disruption, suffered great impact in the immediate term.

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