The SAVO Methodology

Posted: 12/06/2017 - 09:05

The SAVO methodology speaks to our origin story as process-focused organization. We set out to emphasize the importance of process as the foundation for any stable and meaningful transformation. What SAVO represents are the following steps to digital transformation:





Simplifying involves holistically assessing the processes as a critical first step to finding opportunities to make them leaner and more efficient.  It’s also vital to recognize which processes may be redundant and thus, eliminated.  This exercise is particularly important within the next lens of automation that is on the horizon. Typically, organizations have many processes that have grown organically over time to include components that are quite cumbersome and are no longer necessary once automation is in place. Once this robust assessment is complete, you’ve really laid the foundation for meaningful change. 

The next step is to automate all possible processes with carefully selected and vetted tools. In some cases, we can transform processes to enable a greater degree of automation, whether it’s through standardized input forms or other means of digitizing inputs.

Then you virtualize. And what we really mean by virtualize is to have the best work agents do the work. So, once you’ve automated the appropriate processes, those that are left are exceptions and tasks requiring judgement. That’s usually done by your own staff - the people who best understand your business and are well-positioned to engage directly with your customers or employees. In some cases, such roles are also filled by outsourced and/or crowdsourced staff.

The first three steps of the SAVO methodology effectively create a tapestry of work components that are streamlined and efficient. But to realize meaningful transformation it needs to be orchestrated. And orchestrated early, and in a continuous way to make sure that interplay works successfully and continues to do so. You must continue to seek out new areas that can be automated. You need to monitor the configurations to make sure that they are healthy and thriving. And, you also want to manage and engage your people to make sure that they understand their new roles as they work with this automation for maximum results.

SAVO has truly defined the Symphony philosophy and lays a solid foundation for all of our transformation discussions and implementations with clients.  

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