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7 Actions Procurement Leaders Can Take to Improve Diversity and Inclusion
Apr 27, 2021    0
So far in this series on diversity and inclusion, we have explored a historical perspective on supplier diversity in the enterprise, tips to improve it, and how the supplier community can leverage...
How to Start a Diversity and Inclusion Program for Your Extended Workforce
Apr 23, 2021    0
With a pandemic, a recession and protests over racial injustice, the need for more equity and equality is ever-present. Diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives have generated increased momentum...
Here are five tips to help you scrutinize ways to simplify sourcing external workers to create a better experience for your hiring managers.
Mar 25, 2021    0
If you’re in Talent Acquisition or Procurement, you know all too well that hiring people – whether employee or non-employee – can be complex and time-consuming. When you’re...
7 tips for a winning, high-quality recruitment strategy post-COVID-19.
Mar 11, 2021    0
As the world slowly moves past the Covid-19 pandemic with the arrival of the vaccines, the job market is starting to gather itself and get back into momentum. But the newer challenges for...
Commercial policies protect business owners and employees from potential financial losses such as lawsuits, customer incidents, on-the-job employee injuries, damage, theft and more.
Dec 15, 2020    0
As a business owner, you know that countless factors go into running your business. Regardless of your business’ industry or size, one consideration you must prioritize is commercial insurance....
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