Responsible Sourcing

Sustainable business
Apr 22, 2020    0
In 2020, you can bet your bottom dollar that consumers won’t be spending theirs on your products if you aren’t striving to operate sustainably.For years, naysayers have argued that the...
Sustainable procurement
Apr 20, 2020    0
Identify Your Sustainability PrioritiesTo build a sustainable procurement process that complements your company’s core mission, the next step to take after conducting a thorough spend analysis...
COVID-19 Business social impact
Apr 16, 2020    0
The COVID-19 crisis has brought us to a moment of reckoning. Today, it’s clear that the world’s most pressing challenges can’t be solved by governments alone. Society is turning to...
Sustainable Procurement
Mar 27, 2020    0
Several recent developments suggest that sustainable procurement is about to become a more significant priority for business and procurement leaders. In August of last year, for example, the Business...
Sustainable Procurement
Mar 16, 2020    0
Sustainability is one of the most important trends of our time – and it looks set to dominate business discussions well into the foreseeable future. In fact, studies have made the case for...
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