Responsible Sourcing

Sustainable procurement
Apr 20, 2020    0
Identify Your Sustainability PrioritiesTo build a sustainable procurement process that complements your company’s core mission, the next step to take after conducting a thorough spend analysis...
COVID-19 Business social impact
Apr 16, 2020    0
The COVID-19 crisis has brought us to a moment of reckoning. Today, it’s clear that the world’s most pressing challenges can’t be solved by governments alone. Society is turning to...
Sustainable Procurement
Mar 27, 2020    0
Several recent developments suggest that sustainable procurement is about to become a more significant priority for business and procurement leaders. In August of last year, for example, the Business...
Sustainable Procurement
Mar 16, 2020    0
Sustainability is one of the most important trends of our time – and it looks set to dominate business discussions well into the foreseeable future. In fact, studies have made the case for...
Diversity Suppliers Doesn’t Guarantee a Diverse Workforce
Mar 13, 2020    0
Having a diverse workforce results in increased ROI for companies; but this isn’t breaking news. Companies in the top quartile for gender, racial and ethnic diversity are “more likely to...
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