Sustainable Sourcing

What to Consider When Sourcing Sustainable Packaging
Jul 30, 2021    0
When it comes to packaging, raw material generally represents the largest cost component, especially in an inflationary commodity environment. Raw material also represents the largest carbon...
Strategic Sourcing in a Hyperinflationary Environment
Jul 09, 2021    0
Over the past year, growing demand has driven price increases and margin pressures across a wide range of commodities. Since mid-2020, steel, for example, has risen by 85%, lumber by 119%, cotton by...
Contract Provisions for ESG in Your Supply Chain
Jul 02, 2021    0
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors are becoming increasingly important in supply chains. Consumers are demanding more transparency and better practices than ever before. Meanwhile,...
How to Prove Provenance and Sustainability Promises
May 27, 2021    0
Following Earth month, where brands tend to overcommunicate their promises in using eco-friendly materials and renew their commitments to sustainable and ethical practices, how they are...
Sustainable Sourcing: Greener Procurement Grows with Optimization
May 24, 2021    0
The demand for sustainability is skyrocketing. With 61% of brands claiming an increase in customer demand for sustainability, it’s crucial to drive change where it matters most: the supply...
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