Sustainable Sourcing

How to Start a Diversity and Inclusion Program for Your Extended Workforce
Apr 23, 2021    0
With a pandemic, a recession and protests over racial injustice, the need for more equity and equality is ever-present. Diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives have generated increased momentum...
Impacting the Environment and Human Health Globally with IT Products
Apr 22, 2021    0
IT products are essential in most organizations, but they come with a complex supply chain that includes both social and environmental risks. If done right, purchasers can directly impact the...
How to Assess End-to-End Supply Chain Sustainability
Apr 21, 2021    0
For businesses across the globe, sustainability used to be a “nice to have,” but now the view has shifted. It’s a “must have — or else.” There’s one reason...
How Diverse Suppliers Can Leverage their Status with Large Enterprises
Apr 20, 2021    0
To continue the previous conversation on diversity and inclusion (see my other articles on the enterprise approach to supplier diversity and how to shape the future of supplier diversity), I’d...
Prioritization of Supply Chain Sustainability is Here
Apr 13, 2021    0
The benefits of prioritizing sustainability for any business or industry are extensive, but why is 2021 the year of further prioritization within the supply chain? Our recent research study, “...
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