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Welcome to the Future of Sourcing

August 2018

Ta da!! After months of speculation, it is my distinct honor to let you be the first to know that as of today, Outsource Magazine, SIG’s digital publication, will now be known as Future of Sourcing. Over the years, Outsource grew from being a small and sometimes irreverent UK-centric quarterly print magazine into a multi-faceted, content and event brand, with an extended reach to global professionals in sourcing, outsourcing, supply chain, procurement and related fields. In so doing, we knew it was time for the brand name to better reflect the more broadly-focused content.

With the Future of Sourcing Awards program launching this fall at the SIG Global Summit, this new name not only ties in directly, but is also a clear reflection of our expanded footprint in content and authors. Rest assured that it will continue to be your go-to source for news, views and trends in the sourcing and outsourcing space.
Take these articles as a case in point. They all shed light on the fact that the face of sourcing is changing…rapidly. In this article, Marcell Volmer, SAP Ariba’s Chief Digital Officer, uses a cracked smartphone to paint a future that shows the promise of marrying procurement with digital manufacturing. Meanwhile, Brandon Curry talks about the notion that risk is something we are all responsible for and shares information on what security to outsource vs. what to retain, because—let’s face it—cybersecurity attacks are little more than a foregone conclusion and being prepared is tantamount. Speaking of being prepared, the GDPR launch date of May 25th may be behind us…but the fun with compliance has only just begun. This article provides contact centers with tips for protecting their reputation by safeguarding their customers most important assets—their data.
Eleanor Matthews summarized automation lessons from Enate’s first live Twitter conversation (#EnateChat). Over the course of 30 minutes, participants weighed in on automation, the benefit of bots and how to integrate them into your “living and breathing” workforce. If you aren’t seeking ways to integrate bots…suffice it to say, you may be missing the bot. (Boat…bot…what’s in a letter? Okay, it’s a poorly disguised attempt at humor, but you get the point!) In a different twist, this article shows how technology can not only help manage costs, but also proactively drive ethical behavior. Ruminate on that theory for awhile…
And finally, Andy Davies shares insight on the most technologically-aware generation our world has yet to see and why it’s critical to treat people not as a commodity, but as the best asset that a company has. This article provides a case for developing a talent management structure that focuses on employee retention and skill development and provides thoughts on why it critical to our sustainable future.
To read more, go to futureofsourcing.com and please add info@futureofsourcing.com to your address book to continue to receive our emails. And if you really want to see where sourcing is headed, join us this fall as we celebrate the industry’s most innovative companies at the Future of Sourcing Awards!
Sarah Holliman


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