Is It Time to Add AI to Your Commodity Insights?
Nov 30, 2021    0
Over the last few years, we’ve seen artificial intelligence (AI) being used for a host of procurement applications, from spend analysis to supplier risk monitoring. Now, the same technology is...
Suppliers are Primary Stakeholders Too
Nov 23, 2021    0
The SOW services procurement value equation is straightforward: clear need + sufficient budget + right service provider + right price + excellent delivery = best outcome If you look more...
Supplier-Led Innovation
Nov 08, 2021    0
Today, a lot of the low-hanging fruit has been picked by CPOs. But one area where there is significant scope for procurement to deliver value is supplier-enabled innovation (SEI). With 25% to 45% of...
5 Ways Digital Procurement Mitigates Risk
Nov 02, 2021    0
Nothing in business is risk-free. Every department in a company needs to deal with risk daily. Risk management appears to be a simple concept, yet it is a highly complicated aspect of organizational...
Harnessing the Power of Sourcing Business Models
Oct 29, 2021    0
When a company seeks a strategic supplier, the crucial first step is to choose the right sourcing model, which will make or break the relationship. Unfortunately, many organizations are not operating...
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