Brandi Moore


Global strategist and management consultant Brandi Moore is the founder of IndiaThink, a US-based firm that advises western clients on how to stop bleeding money, time and energy when working across cultures and instead how to achieve revenue-generating business results. She is a frequent public speaker and the author of <em>The Little BRIC book: Cracking the code to simplify how you and your organization manages global teams in Brazil, Russia, India and/or China</em>.<br /><br />Brandi is an expert at developing global managers to effectively lead business teams between western and BRIC countries to successfully navigate communication, process and business culture differences. A 'decoder' of myth, Brandi brings clarity and actionable solutions to her clients so they can in turn create results with their teams.  Her first hand knowledge and extensive international background spans f500 companies while representing various information security concerns as well as international negotiations of multi-million dollar contracts and 'on the ground' project management across the globe.<br /><br />Brandi received her Masters in Forensic Science from George Washington University and her Bachelor of Science from Michigan State University.