Innovations in Governance & Compliance: Air Canada
Oct 13, 2022    0
Can you outline why your team embarked on this project and the problem that needed to be solved? Air Canada embarked on the project to digitize its Source-to-Pay activities for a variety of...
How To Reduce CO2 Emissions In Your Value Chain
Oct 11, 2022    0
Climate change will not wait, and companies need to enact immediate and drastic emission reductions if we are to meet global climate targets. If your company is like most others, most of your...
Benchmarks Versus Best Practices
Jul 23, 2021    0
A topic that comes up time and time again in discussions with clients is the idea of benchmarks as a means to drive high performance. Are benchmarks valuable? How much emphasis should we place on...
The Top 3 ERP Transformations that Support Buyers
Jul 19, 2021    0
B2B companies are currently up to their necks in “digital transformation.” They're moving at a rapid clip to enhance the customer experience through technologies that automate...
Why the C-Suite Needs To Align With HR on Employee Mobility Issues
Jun 23, 2021    0
A landslide of remote work requests is crashing into businesses, and it’s revealing alarming holes in the way corporations are managing employee mobility. Chances are, remote work is already...
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