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Rajeev Tyagi, Chief Operating Officer of Softtek US & Canada, heads the company’s automation and artificial intelligence initiatives.

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Aug 11, 2018    0
In recent years, the art and science of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) has evolved from monitoring metrics around systems and applications to a focus on business outcomes and business performance. Rather than measuring server uptime or network availability, customers want insight into how efficiently they’re shipping orders and executing transactions. 
This shift involves a business emphasis on collaborative innovation and rapid development of...
Apr 13, 2017    0

In a maturing market, buyers are becoming increasingly aware that the umbrella term “intelligent automation” comprises a broad spectrum of functionality, ranging from teachable bots that execute repeatable and scripted tasks, to more advanced cognitive tools that apply pattern recognition and language processing capabilities to analyse data, make decisions and learn from experience. The combination of proven results to date, coupled with the potential for dramatic breakthroughs in the near...

Apr 04, 2017    0

Robotic process automation (RPA) is all the rage these days, and with good reason. Software bots that replicate the way humans perform repetitive, rule-based tasks are driving significant cost savings and productivity increases. For as little as $10,000 a year, an enterprise can implement and maintain a bot that performs the routine work of five to ten people. Moreover, RPA can deliver a wide range of business benefits such as improved data collection and accuracy, auditability and...