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Allison Sima is a results-driven digital marketing professional with 10+ years of marketing communications experience. Today, Allison is the Interactive Marketing Manager of Digi-Me, a company that turns text job postings into digital job videos. Allison is also a regular contributor to Revia Magazine and SharpHeels. Allison is well versed in the areas of advertising, marketing strategy, social media, creative writing, scriptwriting, graphic design and recruitment advertising, and has a proven, solid track record of inbound lead generation as well as creating brand awareness. She recently came third in Outsource's Summer 2016 Writing Competition (read her submission here).

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Aug 25, 2016    0

It has already happened. Digital technology has taken over. When it comes to global sourcing, job opportunities, branding, company cultures, it is all transparent. Job-seekers can see straight through you and your company before they walk through the door and shake your hand.