Sustainable Sourcing

Three Steps to a More Equitable RFP Process
Oct 18, 2021    0
Supplier diversity. These days, it’s more than a buzzword. It’s rapidly become a top priority for many organizations. According to new data, a renewed focus and much-needed attention to...
Power Purchase Agreements Are the Underused Path to Sustainable Energy
Oct 07, 2021    0
With more than half of the world’s GDP dependent on nature for its resources and services, companies and their supply chains, have an outsized impact on the environment. The stark reality is...
5 Benefits to Adding Sustainability Measures in Your Contracts
Sep 24, 2021    0
Jane Zhang and Naz Rahman, ETCH Sourcing The value creation challenges we faced decades ago are the same that organizations still grapple with today. The main difference, however, is that the rate...
Four Considerations to Create and Maintain Sustainable Procurement Practices
Aug 23, 2021    0
With 80% of an organization’s sustainability impact intertwined in its supply chain, businesses will need to identify where they can work with suppliers to realize their corporate purpose...
What to Consider When Sourcing Sustainable Packaging
Jul 30, 2021    0
When it comes to packaging, raw material generally represents the largest cost component, especially in an inflationary commodity environment. Raw material also represents the largest carbon...
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