Finance and Accounting

The best definition of spend under management is to equate it to strategically managed spend.
Jul 17, 2020    0
Before getting into the topic, write down two things:1) Your high-level definition of the term spend under management2) What percentage of your company/organization’s spend would you estimate...
Insurance for small businesses
Jun 11, 2020    0
Managing cash flow is at the top of people’s minds right now, and yes, there is an opportunity to lower your insurance expenses immediately. Here are three things you can do right now to make...
technology, automation and data acheives business continuity
Jun 02, 2020    0
We know that procurement is often a juggling act! We use decent supplier relationships, purchasing power, and any other tools in our belt to secure best payment terms, highest quality purchases at...
May 11, 2020    0
In this two-part blog series, we’ll take a look at how to better position organizations in order to improve business continuity and resilience. Part 1 looks at the current state of...
IT Deal Negotiations
Apr 06, 2020    0
What’s the biggest challenge in IT deal-making?Understanding ownership of the process, and what role everyone is playing. This must be clear from the outset. Some organizations are not...
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