Finance and Accounting

May 11, 2020    0
In this two-part blog series, we’ll take a look at how to better position organizations in order to improve business continuity and resilience. Part 1 looks at the current state of...
IT Deal Negotiations
Apr 06, 2020    0
What’s the biggest challenge in IT deal-making?Understanding ownership of the process, and what role everyone is playing. This must be clear from the outset. Some organizations are not...
 Managing Marketing Spending During a Pandemic
Apr 03, 2020    0
As I am writing this article in late March, the full economic fallout from COVID-19 is not yet known and, in fact, will remain unknown for a while. However, two things are clear. The economic...
Commercial Real Estate Optimization: Taking an Operational Perspective
Oct 30, 2019    0
Corporate real estate is often one of the largest single categories of spend relative to a company’s revenue and budget, but many organizations view it as a cost to be managed and mitigated...
The ABCs of Print TCO
Sep 19, 2019    0
Most readers of this article are probably familiar with the concept of total cost of ownership, or TCO. Savvy procurement professionals have long recognized that the purchase price of a product or...
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