Nearshoring Vs Offshoring Vs Onshoring: Key Elements to Understand When Dealing With Outsourcing Services
Dec 17, 2022    0
Outsourcing is a long-established practice of modern business. It was first popularized in the 90s when Kodak was among the first tech companies to outsource work to another company, in this case IBM...
Buyers can no longer depend on just one country for all their sourcing needs.
Aug 08, 2022    0
The south and southeast regions of Asia comprising nearly 19 countries, including India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand among others, have a rich history of production and trade going back thousands...
The disruptions in the shipping container industry driven by COVID-19 have created the need for alternate sourcing strategies.
Apr 01, 2022    0
Before the onset of the pandemic, the shipping industry operated with an abundance of capacity at par with the demand patterns. More than 80% of the market needs were met by three major shipping...
Nearshoring digital transformation projects is becoming the fastest route to success for today’s businesses given the great worker resignation and the tech talent shortage.
Mar 21, 2022    0
According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, citing analysis by COMPTIA, in January 2022 employers posted close to 340,000 unfilled IT job openings, which was 11% higher than the 12-month...
How the Pandemic Changed Outsourcing for the Foreseeable Future
Jul 13, 2021    0
Because of the vulnerabilities that the pandemic has laid bare, many companies are re-thinking their sourcing strategies. While these issues have been most apparent in goods produced overseas,...
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