Talent Management

Soft skills aren’t a replacement for hard skills.
Aug 12, 2022    0
Stanford Research Institute International found that almost 75% of an employee’s success comes from soft skills while only 25% of their success comes from technical skills. These statistics are...
The labor market is changing, with candidates interviewing potential companies as much as they’re being interviewed themselves.
Aug 10, 2022    0
At the height of the pandemic, over 120,000 businesses temporarily closed, leaving over 30 million U.S. workers unemployed. Job openings have steadily increased since. In 2021, employers added an...
Training and Developing Procurement Professionals
Aug 05, 2022    0
Training a company’s team members is a foundational step in running a company, but it is often forgotten when busy times hit. This is a big mistake. Putting the time and effort into designing a...
Compliance issues pose a serious risk for companies that do not have visibility into their external workforce.
Jul 13, 2022    0
It’s Friday afternoon and you are finishing the last of the week’s Human Resources (HR) duties before heading off to a relaxing weekend with friends. Just as you cross that last item off...
Investing in talent reskilling and upskilling will be necessary in the coming years to fill the talent gap.
Jun 27, 2022    0
The World Economic Forum estimates that more than half of all employees worldwide need to upskill or reskill by 2025 to embrace the changing nature of jobs. According to Harvard Business Review,...
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