9 Disruptive Strategies for Best-in-Class Procurement
May 03, 2021    0
This article considers nine disruptive strategies of best-in-class procurement operations. These strategies are influenced by how the procurement function has evolved and how it continues to shape...
7 Actions Procurement Leaders Can Take to Improve Diversity and Inclusion
Apr 27, 2021    0
So far in this series on diversity and inclusion, we have explored a historical perspective on supplier diversity in the enterprise, tips to improve it, and how the supplier community can leverage...
How Diverse Suppliers Can Leverage their Status with Large Enterprises
Apr 20, 2021    0
To continue the previous conversation on diversity and inclusion (see my other articles on the enterprise approach to supplier diversity and how to shape the future of supplier diversity), I’d...
Crafting a KPI Playbook to Enhance Supply Performance
Apr 14, 2021    0
As Peter Drucker famously said, “If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it.” Today, technology tools enable real-time collection and analysis of near endless amounts of big...
7 Tips to Shape the Future of Supplier Diversity in the Enterprise
Apr 06, 2021    0
My last article was an overview of how large enterprises have historically approached supplier diversity initiatives and why they have underperformed. This article will focus on ways the enterprise...
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