Outcome-Based Contracts is a joint endeavor that rests on the strength of the relationship and an honest, open sharing of information including risk and reward.
Aug 07, 2020    0
It’s easy to hear a buzz word in the industry and make assumptions. However, what happens when those assumptions prove incorrect? And what happens when those assumptions are the bedrock under...
Invest in a training program that suits the unique needs of procurement.
Jul 22, 2020    0
Training a company’s team members is a foundational step in running a company, but it is often forgotten when busy times hit. This is a big mistake. Putting the time and effort into designing a...
The best definition of spend under management is to equate it to strategically managed spend.
Jul 17, 2020    0
Before getting into the topic, write down two things:1) Your high-level definition of the term spend under management2) What percentage of your company/organization’s spend would you estimate...
Steps for Strategic Planning
Jun 17, 2020    0
Strategic planning is something that many of us will talk a lot about this year. As the business landscape continues to evolve, today’s forward-thinking brands are already looking to reinvent...
The Predictably Irrational Appeal of Print Marketing
Jan 17, 2020    0
For years, many advocates of print-based marketing channels and tactics have argued that the physical and tactile nature of tangible marketing materials make them more appealing and persuasive than...
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