Information Technology

B2B Digital Marketplace
May 06, 2020    0
Growing a recognizable brand while remaining cost-efficient are two key imperatives for businesses as they continue to transform their organizations digitally. Procuring software through digital...
Avoiding data Bias
May 01, 2020    0
AI is taking off in all areas of business and in our daily lives – from improving agriculture and predicting where forest fires might erupt to determining who is likely to return to a hospital...
Cybersecurity Talent
Apr 27, 2020    0
The constant cyber threat has completely changed the way boards around the world approach risk. A robust cybersecurity posture is no longer a “nice-to-have” but a business priority,...
AI in HR
Apr 01, 2020    0
Just about every company monitors when its staff is absent, whether on a planned holiday or sick, and has a policy for how much leave its employees are entitled to. However, very few go any deeper...
Understanding the Data Security, Compliance and Customer Experience Trends Shaping Your Business in 2020
Mar 02, 2020    0
As businesses across all industries undergo digital transformation and adopt new, omnichannel strategies for engaging with customers, the enterprise contact center of today is continuously evolving...
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