Information Technology

There is a new attack angle in cybersecurity.
Jan 18, 2022    0
History repeats itself. Could we use the lessons from the first time around? At the height of ransomware attacks, people responsible for oil rigs and ships in the sea find themselves to be the next...
Poor contingency planning is only one sign of low-quality supplier data harming your business.
Dec 08, 2021    0
Most people who have used any sort of business software offhandedly consider the importance of maintaining quality data, but few make it a priority. Too often in my world, organizations will...
Cloud Compliance and 4 Ways to Improve It
Sep 30, 2021    0
Cloud compliance accounts for a company adhering to previously established cloud usage regulations and standards that are dictated by both federal laws and industry guidelines. Let’s say your...
What Can Your Procurement Data Tell You?
Sep 28, 2021    0
You might not realize it yet, but your procurement data can tell you a lot. It’s not just numbers either, it can tell you a story about what is going on within your organization -- and even...
What is Tail Spend?
Jun 10, 2021    0
Just like in spend data classification, the definition of tail spend is subjective. Some organisations classify tail spend at the bottom 20% of spend, while others might set a financial level such as...
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