Procurement value
May 22, 2020    0
One of the most significant procurement trends we’ve seen so far in 2020 is delivering value beyond savings. So what exactly does this mean in the context of the function’s traditional...
Procurement in 2020
Apr 10, 2020    0
A new year and a new decade brings about the end and the beginning of many things. Hopefully the new decade brings an end to the angry woman and cat meme as well as the retirement of the man bun (...
AI procurement digital transformation
Mar 11, 2020    0
Most people in procurement are nowhere near using AI yet.  Why not?Forward-thinking companies are deploying it to create competitive advantages now. According to Gartner, only about 7% of CIOs...
Online Marketplaces for Printing and Marketing Services
Feb 28, 2020    0
Recently, two publications addressed the growing importance of online marketplaces in the B2B corporate procurement landscape. Both publications examined the potential benefits of B2B online...
Use Cases and Applications for robotic process automation
Feb 14, 2020    0
A recent article in Horses for Sources generated a lot of turmoil by stating that “RPA is dead.” So, we thought it would be interesting and helpful to look at and discuss the current...
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