Procurement Is the Ultimate Guardian of Responsible Supply Chains
Jan 27, 2020    0
Imagine a world where all people thrive within the environmental boundaries of our planet. Picture a planet where the immediate threat of climate disaster has been avoided and where global businesses...
8 Ways to Accelerate Sourcing with Automated Software
Jan 24, 2020    0
Launching an all new product ahead of your competition can determine long term market share and resulting profitability. Sourcing professionals have an amazing opportunity to increase the pace at...
Scrap Early New Product Excel BOMs to Accelerate Sourcing
Jan 15, 2020    0
Let’s face it — many of our company’s functions still operate largely in silos as we batch our work together to then throw it over the wall to the next team in the value chain. Much...
Cloud deployments can quickly rack up additional, expensive consumption bills.
Jan 13, 2020    0
In my previous article, I discussed how procurement teams can help their businesses when buying support or services for open source software. There is another key issue procurement teams will have to...
Continuity is Key to Successful Business Transformation
Jan 09, 2020    0
It’s well known that 70% of change initiatives fail, mostly due to human factors such as employee resistance to change or lack of management support. On the other hand, when people are fully...
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