Digital Transformation of Contingent Labor
Jul 02, 2020    0
The way we work had changed long before the Covid-19 crisis. And with the recent pandemic, the way work gets done might be changed forever, permanently.The role of the external workforce or the...
Artificial Intelligence
Jul 01, 2020    0
I've been working in the financial services space for close to thirty years now. I've seen many trends and technologies emerge. Some take hold, and several are just a flash in the pan....
Industry 4.0
Jun 26, 2020    0
The world is entering its fourth Industrial Revolution, commonly referred to as Industry 4.0. While Western economies ruled the first three industrial revolutions (steam, electrification, automation...
last-mile delivery
Jun 24, 2020    0
The phrase “last-mile logistics” refers to the process of moving products from the last transit stop to the final destination, which may be anywhere from one to one thousand miles. Last-...
top marketing procurement leaders
Jun 20, 2020    0
The coronavirus pandemic and the “social distancing” actions taken to control it have resulted in the cancellation of hundreds of trade shows and business-related conferences. One of the...
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