Use Cases and Applications for robotic process automation
Feb 14, 2020    0
A recent article in Horses for Sources generated a lot of turmoil by stating that “RPA is dead.” So, we thought it would be interesting and helpful to look at and discuss the current...
Using Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain
Feb 12, 2020    0
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has now invaded how industries operate in more ways than we can count and know. It has developed into a welcome (and now necessary) addition to boost efficiency, sharpen...
5G and Procurement
Feb 10, 2020    0
Advancements in new technologies always assure to crop up with proficiency gains, high throughput and lower costs. When it comes to such advancements, the job for procurement is to have a clear...
The future of work will be defined by automation.
Feb 05, 2020    0
The future of work will be defined by automation. With such transformative change, everyday workers may be skeptical about how it will affect them. However, what many fear-inducing headlines often...
Supply Chain Sustainability
Feb 03, 2020    0
At EcoVadis, we recently reached a major milestone on our road to improving sustainability and CSR performance across global supply chains — our 100,000th sustainability assessment. Since our...
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