Is It Time to Add AI to Your Commodity Insights?
Nov 30, 2021    0
Over the last few years, we’ve seen artificial intelligence (AI) being used for a host of procurement applications, from spend analysis to supplier risk monitoring. Now, the same technology is...
Why Companies are Siliconizing the Timing Supply Chain
Nov 18, 2021    0
The siliconization of the timing industry began in earnest 15 years ago. Today MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) timing companies have shipped over 2 billion units of silicon MEMS timing...
Five Technologies to Future Proof Supply Chain Inspections
Nov 16, 2021    0
The COVID-19 pandemic has jolted digital transformation into overdrive, with technology adoption enabling businesses across industries to accommodate remote work and operations. But now more than 18...
Supplier-Led Innovation
Nov 08, 2021    0
Today, a lot of the low-hanging fruit has been picked by CPOs. But one area where there is significant scope for procurement to deliver value is supplier-enabled innovation (SEI). With 25% to 45% of...
Sourcing Modernization: Two Solutions for One Goal
Nov 04, 2021    0
In the midst of global disruption, fluctuating demand and supply has driven industry leaders to hold sourcing events more frequently amid the chaos. While supply chain challenges continue, it is...
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