last-mile delivery
Jun 24, 2020    0
The phrase “last-mile logistics” refers to the process of moving products from the last transit stop to the final destination, which may be anywhere from one to one thousand miles. Last-...
top marketing procurement leaders
Jun 20, 2020    0
The coronavirus pandemic and the “social distancing” actions taken to control it have resulted in the cancellation of hundreds of trade shows and business-related conferences. One of the...
Procurement crisis
Jun 19, 2020    0
The coronavirus outbreak is having a profound impact on every business’ supply chain. The U.S. manufacturing PMI indicated the worst contraction in production, new orders, and employment since...
Artificial Intelligence in procurement
Jun 04, 2020    0
Today, about 80% of large organizations are using artificial intelligence in their core business – compared to about 10% just five years ago. Companies that focus on AI are harnessing...
Procurement value
May 22, 2020    0
One of the most significant procurement trends we’ve seen so far in 2020 is delivering value beyond savings. So what exactly does this mean in the context of the function’s traditional...
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