Business Process

Innovations in Digitization: Municipality of Dubai
Oct 14, 2022    0
Can you outline why your team embarked on this project and the problem that needed to be solved? Determining  the  Area  of  this  Project  came  from...
Achieve the ultimate win-win scenario with your suppliers, drive out cost and increase value.
Jan 04, 2022    0
Having sold more than $980 million in outsourcing deals in my career and having played a key role in structuring more than $22 billion in outsourcing deals across every industry and virtually every...
How to Gain Agility in Your Purchasing and Contracting Processes
Sep 17, 2021    0
In today’s business world, time isn’t just money. Time is everything. To achieve a competitive advantage, procurement teams must complete their business objectives with more agility than...
Key Areas of Business Overspending Explained
Sep 10, 2021    0
Any smart procurement executive knows that you need to spend money to make it. You might find people who believe you can start and operate your business without any significant investments. But that...
Why Work At Home Agent Processes Must Be Secure
Sep 02, 2021    0
Since the onset of the pandemic, many office workers have spent more time working from home. In the BPO sector, this has meant finding workable, advanced technological solutions for our agents,...
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