Business Process

data protection
Feb 18, 2021    0
So, you’ve just shelled out big money to have it classified and your data will almost certainly be correct when you receive it, but it will only stay accurate for a short period of time....
Sourcing Automation
Feb 17, 2021    0
Organizations are putting a magnifying glass to their global workforce. Through continuous changes in local employment laws and additional scrutiny towards proper worker classification both...
Supplier Data
Feb 12, 2021    0
For years, experts have urged business leaders to prepare for the coming AI disruption. Realizing the amazing potential of these emerging technologies, they argued, would require businesses to...
Supplier Diversity
Feb 10, 2021    0
2020 brought us a time of reflection on many fronts, from how we eat to how we prioritize, how we think, how we get from point A to point B, to focusing on what matters. Diversity is one of the...
Nearshore Digital Transformation
Feb 04, 2021    0
Given the supply chain disruption, business shut-downs and economic uncertainty caused by COVID-19, it’s never been clearer — doing business closer to your own shores is coming back into...
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