Business Process

Quantum Computers
Jun 12, 2020    0
There’s something that has been revolutionizing our world without us even noticing it. A technological device that promises to create a new way to encrypt information and process data. This...
Insurance for small businesses
Jun 11, 2020    0
Managing cash flow is at the top of people’s minds right now, and yes, there is an opportunity to lower your insurance expenses immediately. Here are three things you can do right now to make...
technology implementation
Jun 10, 2020    0
The business case is signed off and the technical back-end work is complete. Now all that’s left is to implement your shiny new procurement system.How hard could it be? Quite hard, actually. In...
Procurement technology transformation
Jun 10, 2020    0
The primary goal of a procurement function to achieve savings carries greater significance in a recession when obtaining the lowest cost possible needs to be balanced with not compromising the...
artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning
Jun 05, 2020    0
Since the onset of COVID-19, artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning have gone from time-saving to life-saving technologies. The fact is, they have rapidly emerged as powerful...
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