Business Process

Diversity Suppliers Doesn’t Guarantee a Diverse Workforce
Mar 13, 2020    0
Having a diverse workforce results in increased ROI for companies; but this isn’t breaking news. Companies in the top quartile for gender, racial and ethnic diversity are “more likely to...
AI procurement digital transformation
Mar 11, 2020    0
Most people in procurement are nowhere near using AI yet.  Why not?Forward-thinking companies are deploying it to create competitive advantages now. According to Gartner, only about 7% of CIOs...
Supplier data
Mar 09, 2020    0
It is no secret that poor supplier data is the single largest barrier facing successful eProcurement transformation. Organizations in all industries, regardless of size, are susceptible to massive...
Benchmarks Versus Best Practices
Mar 06, 2020    0
A topic that comes up time and time again in discussions with clients is the idea of benchmarks as a means to drive high performance. Are benchmarks valuable? How much emphasis should we place on...
Supplier and Sourcing Relationships
Feb 26, 2020    0
Imagine a scenario where a zealous sourcing manager at a Fortune 100 company is in negotiations with a new middle-market regional landscaping services provider. The negotiation is for a seven-figure...
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