Project Outsourcing

For facility managers interested in outsourcing, a facility services partner can bring the right mix of expertise, scalability, and network of advanced resources and equipment.
Dec 06, 2021    0
Most everyone relies on daily performance indicators to measure the quality of tools and assets, from large-scale business KPIs such as monthly foot traffic to the personal performance results like...
Why Work At Home Agent Processes Must Be Secure
Sep 02, 2021    0
Since the onset of the pandemic, many office workers have spent more time working from home. In the BPO sector, this has meant finding workable, advanced technological solutions for our agents,...
What is a Taxonomy, and Should I be Using One?
Aug 04, 2021    0
It surprised me when I first came into the procurement world that not everybody knew what a taxonomy was, I even had someone confuse it with taxidermy! I thought it was used in all procurement...
How the Pandemic Changed Outsourcing for the Foreseeable Future
Jul 13, 2021    0
Because of the vulnerabilities that the pandemic has laid bare, many companies are re-thinking their sourcing strategies. While these issues have been most apparent in goods produced overseas,...
How to Future-Proof Customer Service Strategies
Jun 16, 2021    0
Customer and product support has to evolve in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. In Southeast Asia alone, the pandemic has caused a permanent spurt in digital adoption, with more than 1 in 3 consumers...
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