Risk Management

Today's procurement professionals must identify the risks that can impact an organization and implement strategies to mitigate and manage those risks.

procurement amid disrupted supply chains
Sep 04, 2022    0
How are business and industry leaders transforming their approach to procurement amid disrupted supply chains, rising costs, and growing uncertainty? This is just one of many questions Economist...
In order to improve ESG performance, organizations must be more open about reporting ESG risks.
Jun 29, 2022    0
The pressure is on to strengthen environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. ESG factors influence a multitude of critical decisions – from where people invest to where they work....
Inflation continues to be a thorn for procurement teams who want to maintain a strong bottom line without sacrificing quality.
Jun 13, 2022    0
It’s a word that everyone from high-ranking executives to the average grocery-store shopper dreads hearing: inflation. As the world continues to experience supply chain disruptions caused by a...
How to Make the Most of Supplier Information
Jun 10, 2022    0
What was once nice-to-have information has now been defined by law. As concern grows around modern slavery, GDPR, conflict minerals and climate change, governments and related third parties are...
Fortune 1000-sized firms feel they have no choice but to retain incumbent suppliers under less than favorable terms.
Jun 08, 2022    0
The threat of lost business. Without it, even the largest customer lacks any real power in the marketplace. When a supplier doesn’t feel any plausible threat of lost business, it can adopt...
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