Risk Management

Strategic Sourcing in a Hyperinflationary Environment
Jul 09, 2021    0
Over the past year, growing demand has driven price increases and margin pressures across a wide range of commodities. Since mid-2020, steel, for example, has risen by 85%, lumber by 119%, cotton by...
Keeping Employees Safe in 2021 and Beyond
Jul 02, 2021    0
The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the global workforce in a variety of ways, with employee health and safety catapulted to the forefront of business concerns. Even with vaccination rollouts and...
Best Practices for Contract Development and Negotiations
Jul 01, 2021    0
With so many elements and technologies present in every vehicle on the road, the ecosystem behind the vehicles we drive is massive. Navigating the business side of the automotive and technology...
3 Contract Negotiation Strategies to Reduce Supply Chain Risk
May 29, 2021    0
Businesses around the globe recognize that there is a new normal for supply chain risk management. The pandemic’s impact on global supply chains exposed vulnerabilities, created opportunities,...
COVID-19 Liability Protections Are Not Immunity
May 28, 2021    0
The light at the end of the tunnel is shining brighter for businesses that were forced to halt 2020 strategies and goals, customer acquisition and procurement. As the economy slowed to a halt,...
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