Risk Management

Today's procurement professionals must identify the risks that can impact an organization and implement strategies to mitigate and manage those risks.

Learn three considerations to keep in mind as you build your risk management strategy that stays ahead of the next big disruption.
Jun 02, 2022    0
Risk management isn’t a new term or notion to the supply chain and procurement industry, yet it continues to be one of the least addressed priorities within organizations. KPMG recently shared...
With no foreseeable end date to supply chain disruptions, now is the time for organizations to examine the likelihood of interruptions and aim to get ahead of the problem before it takes hold.
May 30, 2022    0
Most businesses didn’t anticipate having to handle the supply-chain impacts of several disruptive forces at once: an ongoing pandemic, a severe crunch for talent and Russia’s invasion of...
May 27, 2022    0
The global COVID-19 pandemic put supply chain management and procurement in a very bright and positive spotlight for keeping life moving as normal as possible during all the shutdowns, disruption and...
When selecting an outsourcing partner, the business must balance its risk appetite with the ability to maintain business critical activities.
May 24, 2022    0
In business, actions with the greatest payoff can sometimes be risky. This certainly applies to outsourcing software development, AI projects or IT support to third parties. While it can help you get...
Procurement, sourcing, and risk teams need to widen their risk aperture and prioritize continuous monitoring of geopolitical and location risks.
May 13, 2022    0
As global citizens, our hearts go out to the people and communities directly impacted by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. As procurement, sourcing and risk leaders, we must face the challenge of...
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