Supply Chain

supply chain data
Sep 14, 2022    0
When considering global supply chains, it's not new news that they are notoriously complex and opaque. Among other challenges, this means that issues such as child and forced labor, deforestation...
procurement amid disrupted supply chains
Sep 04, 2022    0
How are business and industry leaders transforming their approach to procurement amid disrupted supply chains, rising costs, and growing uncertainty? This is just one of many questions Economist...
Factors that businesses need to take into account when overhauling their own supply chain management processes.
Jul 27, 2022    0
The recent domino effect of disruptions, such as Brexit, the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, has inevitably resulted in a huge strain on business’ supply chains. It’s a difficult...
One in three businesses cites concerns about supply chain disruption inhibiting ambition in the year ahead.
Jul 07, 2022    0
Thinking back to the onset of the pandemic, supply chain disruption was one of the immediate commercial concerns. And while we may have thought that vaccines would bring us out of the woods, supply...
Inflation continues to be a thorn for procurement teams who want to maintain a strong bottom line without sacrificing quality.
Jun 13, 2022    0
It’s a word that everyone from high-ranking executives to the average grocery-store shopper dreads hearing: inflation. As the world continues to experience supply chain disruptions caused by a...
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