Supply Chain

New Trends and Challenges For Sourcing
Sep 22, 2021    0
With the COVID-19 Delta variant threatening pandemic recovery around the world, brands that source products globally are facing supply chain challenges in a business landscape mired by transit...
How Procurement Can Respond to Inflation and Volatility
Sep 14, 2021    0
Inflation is a word that has been on the minds of every procurement team in 2021. We are seeing a sustained period of supply shortages and price volatility of the kind that most commercial...
Your suppliers’ threat profiles will inevitably add to your business’ cybersecurity risk.
Aug 30, 2021    0
Suppliers are mission-critical partners for business success. Unfortunately, too often, an “arm’s length” relationship creates problems that are revealed only after it’s too...
The Three Pillars of Successful Supply Chain Risk Management
Aug 25, 2021    0
Risk plays a role in every decision that is made by every business – and the supply chain is certainly no exception. Every supplier choice, contract negotiation and procurement transaction...
Boosting Supplier Relationships Through Total-Value Sourcing
Aug 24, 2021    0
Sourcing leaders today operate within an intricate web of interconnected buyers and suppliers from around the globe. When awarding parts of a business, companies must weigh more than the cost of what...
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