Supply Chain

5 Tips to Write Supply Chain Contracts for Diverse Suppliers
Apr 29, 2021    0
Supply chains that take advantage of diverse suppliers are often cited as being more agile, resilient, innovative, and sustainable. They are credited for promoting consumer trust and driving...
America’s Supply Chain Resilience
Apr 24, 2021    0
The COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated the importance of building sustainable and resilient global supply chains, and world leaders are taking action. In the United States, for example, President Biden...
How to Assess End-to-End Supply Chain Sustainability
Apr 21, 2021    0
For businesses across the globe, sustainability used to be a “nice to have,” but now the view has shifted. It’s a “must have — or else.” There’s one reason...
Optimizing Maritime Routes and Other Logistical Problems
Apr 14, 2021    0
By now, you’ve probably heard of quantum computers and how someday they’ll be able to perform mathematical feats far beyond the reach of even today’s supercomputers. However, you...
Crafting a KPI Playbook to Enhance Supply Performance
Apr 14, 2021    0
As Peter Drucker famously said, “If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it.” Today, technology tools enable real-time collection and analysis of near endless amounts of big...
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