Supply Chain

Prominent cybersecurity firms such as Microsoft and FireEye were victims of the SolarWinds attack and also the first to identify it.
Feb 25, 2021    0
Detecting the SolarWinds Hack The cybersecurity world has been overtaken with concern over a state-sponsored cyberattack perpetrated by Russian intelligence agents against multiple federal agencies...
In 2021, supply chain sustainability is likely to be more important than ever.
Feb 24, 2021    0
A Focus on the Value and Virtue of Supply Chains After a historically disruptive year, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are waking up to the fact that the measure of a supply chain is much...
Supplier Data
Feb 12, 2021    0
For years, experts have urged business leaders to prepare for the coming AI disruption. Realizing the amazing potential of these emerging technologies, they argued, would require businesses to...
Source-to-Pay Strategies
Feb 02, 2021    0
During the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have had to navigate unprecedented supply and demand chain challenges. In fact, industries were seeing increasing instability in this area prior to the...
Circular Economy
Jan 29, 2021    0
The concept behind a circular economy is simple: minimize waste by reusing, sharing and repairing goods that are already in use. That allows items to remain in the economic system, preventing the...
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