Supply Chain

GEP Outlook 2023
Jan 30, 2023    0
VUCA Planning: Why Procurement Success During Volatile Times Requires Proactive Versus Reactive Agility
Jan 28, 2023    0
What does it mean to have an agile supply chain?   The above question has been raised countless times since the pandemic's beginning, as most supply chains were “stretched”...
The “Data First” Approach & Why It's The Key To Procurement’s Digital Transformation
Jan 23, 2023    0
Data — clean and accessible data is important.   Ask me to sum up in one sentence the recent Global Executive Summit session featuring the Founder and CEO of TealBook, Stephany...
 How Improving Supply Chain Relationships Can Increase Profitability In An Inflationary Market
Jan 04, 2023    0
An old general once said, "pressure makes diamonds!”   When it comes to the ever-increasing pressures on supply chains these past two years, we must be getting close to Kohinoor...
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