Supply Chain

Global Supply Chain
Mar 25, 2020    0
As the world gets to grips with a world health and humanitarian emergency resulting from the spread of coronavirus (COVID19), the knock-on economic effects also take effect. In an increasingly global...
Sign business contracts remotely
Mar 20, 2020    0
Businesses must ensure they understand what can be done remotely in relation to the signing of documents. They should also now be re-visiting contracts and opening dialogue with other parties within...
Supplier data
Mar 09, 2020    0
It is no secret that poor supplier data is the single largest barrier facing successful eProcurement transformation. Organizations in all industries, regardless of size, are susceptible to massive...
Internet of Things
Feb 21, 2020    0
Ushering in the era of The Internet of Things (IoT) brings with it conceptual and cultural change in supply chain management. Previous processes that were once not possible to automate, now not only...
Supply Chain Sustainability
Feb 03, 2020    0
At EcoVadis, we recently reached a major milestone on our road to improving sustainability and CSR performance across global supply chains — our 100,000th sustainability assessment. Since our...
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