Supply Chain

3 Challenges & Solutions That Come With Supply Chain Talent Retention
Mar 02, 2023    0
Turnover is a growing problem in many industries and more so in supply chain sectors than most. So, why do employees leave jobs that they're good at? And what can be done to make them stay...
The Art of Negotiation: Time-Tested Strategies For a Successful Supplier Negotiation
Feb 10, 2023    0
Put simply, supplier negotiation is the process of coming to mutually acceptable terms between the procurer (buyer) and the vendor (seller).   As we can see from the chart below, the...
At What Point Does Procurement Own Supply Chain Risk?
Feb 07, 2023    0
In her October 24th 2022, The Drive article, Emma Helfrich reported the following: “An engine designed by the Austrian company Rotax was discovered installed in one of Russia’s Iranian-...
The New Age CPO: Jim Bureau
Feb 03, 2023    0
1. For the longest time, procurement was measured on cost savings, but now contract management and supplier relationship management are rising priorities. How can organizations drive success in...
GEP Outlook 2023
Jan 30, 2023    0
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