Supply Chain

Procurement professionals are concerned with addressing supplier performance management.
May 06, 2022    0
About 65% of innovations are sourced through external suppliers and partners (ISM). This makes supplier and partner contributions to a supply chain’s production and profitability rather...
Procurement professionals across the globe are being catapulted to the front lines of the battle for cost-containment, remaining competitive in their respective industries, and in some cases saving operations from going under.
May 04, 2022    0
Supply chain and procurement professionals are now tasked with the near-impossible: fighting off upstream price increases and obtaining year-over-year cost savings in today’s inflationary...
Learn three ways that supply chain financing (SCF) can help mitigate rising costs due to inflation and reduce friction when it comes to paying supplier invoices on time.
Apr 27, 2022    0
“SCF can assist firms and their supply chains by increasing the velocity of cash flow and making those flows more consistent. Implemented properly, the firm and its supply chains can enjoy a...
As supply chain disruptions continue to mount, logistics companies are experiencing a boom in mergers and acquisitions to improve last mile delivery capabilities.
Apr 25, 2022    0
Last year saw a flurry of merger and acquisition activity in the logistics industry. In the last mile carrier sector, UPS acquired point-to-point carrier Roadie in September. A month later, regional...
After a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SIG CEO and President Dawn Tiura announces the return of the Future of Sourcing Awards.
Apr 11, 2022    0
A recent article reported that the COVID-19 pandemic has “affected the entire purchasing and supply chain management process.” As a result, we constantly face “multiple problems,...
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