Supply Chain

Sustainable Information Technology IT
Jul 24, 2020    0
With greater attention on sustainability and the direct need to meet climate goals, purchasers are looking for ways to change. One place to start is with the 170 million notebook computers produced...
Supply Chain Flexibility
Jul 13, 2020    0
COVID-19 not only wreaked havoc on public health, but it also began a cycle of disruption in sourcing and fulfillment that may never return to any semblance of “normal.” In fact, for both...
Logistics Outsourcing
Jul 08, 2020    0
Cloud-based platforms and globalization have pushed supply chains to new limits and capabilities, creating many new business opportunities for those who can manage the growing complexity.Outsourcing...
Future of Resilient Sourcing
Jun 29, 2020    0
While the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, enterprises are looking beyond the current crisis with the hope of pandemic-proofing their supply chains and operations to build resiliency. But that...
Supply Chain Sustainability
Jun 25, 2020    0
When considering sustainability in the supply chain, the first concepts that typically come to mind are solutions like green warehouse space or fuel-efficient trucks.Sustainability in the supply...
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