Supply Chain

Procurement technology transformation
Jun 10, 2020    0
The primary goal of a procurement function to achieve savings carries greater significance in a recession when obtaining the lowest cost possible needs to be balanced with not compromising the...
Procurement Compliance and Spend Management
Jun 01, 2020    0
Compliance is a critical purchasing success factor. Aside from the tremendous amount of financial impact, compliance has other positive outcomes. When employees comply with purchasing through...
covid-19 medical supply chain
May 27, 2020    0
The entire world is watching aghast as our nation continues to struggle with its COVID-19 response, where our broken supply chain cannot supply medical workers with enough masks and face shields to...
Third Party and Supply Chain Risk Management
May 25, 2020    0
The worldwide crisis made us hyper-aware that trust-worthy relationships are vital. Effective third-party risk management is the best way to gain assurance that responses and decisions are risk-...
Global Sourcing
May 20, 2020    0
Global sourcing offers numerous benefits. Unfortunately, due to misinformation, many companies overlook global sourcing as a solution and miss out on potential productivity benefits. In this article...
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