Supply Chain

The Future of Supplier Collaboration
Aug 13, 2021    0
Supply chain resiliency took on a new meaning in 2020. In the first few months of the pandemic, suppliers and procurement teams alike were left scrambling, desperately trying to maintain business...
Digitization: A Path to Resilience through Disruption
Aug 11, 2021    0
The supply chain headaches continue. Only 40% of global container ships were on time in March 2021, with average delays extending more than six days. The pervasive disruptions have made effectively...
Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management: Threats to Consider
Aug 09, 2021    0
Automation has become quite the norm across all industries. However, modern automation places a premium on interconnectedness. So it's no surprise that cyber risks are on the rise. It also means...
Supplier Data
Aug 06, 2021    0
For years, experts have urged business leaders to prepare for the coming AI disruption. Realizing the amazing potential of these emerging technologies, they argued, would require businesses to...
5 Insights to Drive Your Procurement Priorities
Jul 28, 2021    0
Just as there was no roadmap for navigating a crisis like COVID-19, there is no formula for the best way to come out of a pandemic, either. However, if anyone has proven that they are up to charting...
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