Supply Chain

Sustainability Strategies to Rethink and Rebuild the Supply Chain for Enduring Risk Mitigation
May 25, 2021    0
Procurement organizations know that sustainability initiatives have far-reaching impacts on risk-management, cost and innovation. This is why most procurement teams historically invest in supplier...
Rethinking the Supply Chain Takes a Team Effort
May 17, 2021    0
The supply chain is an often overlooked, yet critical, component of businesses everywhere. For a long time, the focus around supply chains has always been on efficiency and cost reduction. But when...
5 Ways to Prepare for the Next Supply Chain Crisis
May 14, 2021    0
With the impacts of COVID-19 still being felt around the world, it’s hard to look ahead at what might be coming next. But you should. The COVID-19 pandemic brought a truly unprecedented level...
Third Party and Supply Chain Risk Management
May 12, 2021    0
The worldwide crisis made us hyper-aware that trust-worthy relationships are vital. Effective third-party risk management is the best way to gain assurance that responses and decisions are risk-...
Are You Ready for the Next Crisis?
May 10, 2021    0
The COVID-19 pandemic created a crisis of epic proportions and left leaders in every industry scrambling to react. Procurement leaders across the globe saw the weakness in their supply chains and...
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