Digital transformation is changing how procurement leaders operate.
Mar 16, 2021    0
How Procurement Impacts the Organization At CDK, we've really focused on some of the changes needed to improve our customer support and experience. It's been a tremendous digital...
Since 2011, global indirect procurement spend has grown by around 7% annually. To take control, you need to start tracking indirect category inflation.
Mar 10, 2021    0
According to McKinsey, global indirect procurement spend has been growing by an estimated 7% each year since 2011. Many of the inflationary factors driving this rise are well outside of most...
There’s no doubt 2021 will be a pivotal year for every business. As we think about what’s next for the procurement function, let’s first appreciate how far we’ve come.
Jan 05, 2021    0
Twenty-five years ago, the internet was in its dial-up infancy, businesses still relied on fax machines and procurement was considered solely a back-office, cost-cutting function that controlled the...
Meta-skills are crucial within procurement.
Nov 02, 2020    0
What Is a Meta-skill? It’s long been acknowledged that both hard and soft skills are needed in most jobs. They are no less crucial within procurement. While hard skills include the teachable...
Embrace a new norm and hope for a change that leads to transforming the Chief Procurement Officer role into a Chief Partner Officer.
Oct 10, 2020    0
Cause and Effect of Past Practices To continue our discussion from Part 1, let's consider the roles of cause and effect on evolving Procurement practices.   Suppose an...
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