Learn 10 key reasons to use purchase orders, when other acquisition methods may also apply and get helpful tips for when the CFO asks "why."
Jul 11, 2022    0
The CPO for a financial services company recently asked me for reasons to use purchase orders. Their procurement group was receiving pushback from the firm's Finance division, which was...
One in three businesses cites concerns about supply chain disruption inhibiting ambition in the year ahead.
Jul 07, 2022    0
Thinking back to the onset of the pandemic, supply chain disruption was one of the immediate commercial concerns. And while we may have thought that vaccines would bring us out of the woods, supply...
Until recently, contract management was a predominantly manual process.
Jun 30, 2022    0
When it comes to business, there’s a lot of talk about efficiency. The concept of efficiency, however, differs for larger corporations. When poor processes, communications and technologies...
Learn five factors for supply chain and procurement professionals to consider when adding new best-of-breed solutions.
Jun 24, 2022    0
Extensive disruption at the beginning of the decade put resilience at the top of the agenda for most organizations. Now the focus is on how digital procurement solutions can be used to boost agility...
Learn how a new category of enterprise technology known as autonomous negotiations can be used to automate negotiations and mitigate supply chain, inflation and COVID-19 pressures.
Jun 20, 2022    0
Continued pressures from supply chain disruptions, COVID-19 outbreaks and rising inflation are forcing business leaders to re-think their operations to cut costs. Business negotiations are an...
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