Finance and Accounting

Finance departments use GL codes to track spend.
Nov 25, 2020    0
Finance departments use GL codes to track spend. We’re looking at items like office supplies, marketing or maybe a specific project within the business. However, what finance are looking for...
Cost savings is always measured against a set of expectations, and these expectations are only made possible by quantitative analysis.
Sep 15, 2020    0
Quantitative and scientific approaches to cost estimation have existed for decades and are increasingly accessible to procurement teams via technologies that automate data analysis. In many...
Suspicious Activity Reports
Sep 01, 2020    0
If you’re laundering money or financing terrorism, what keeps you up at night?Beyond the day-to-day intrigues of a life of crime, you have a money trail to worry about. Sure, you fear the...
When you think tail spend, don’t just think of the typical 80/20 rule.
Aug 24, 2020    0
Having a sound tail spend management strategy has never been more important than it is today. It’s a key differentiator – and competitive advantage – in a down economy in which cash...
Procurement’s key metric is vendors’ value contribution, not cost.
Aug 22, 2020    0
At U.S. insurance companies, policyholders’ claims represent 70% to 75% of the total cost. This makes complete sense, of course, since policyholder benefits are the sole reason why anyone buys...
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