Sustainable Sourcing

Sustainable Information Technology IT
Jul 24, 2020    0
With greater attention on sustainability and the direct need to meet climate goals, purchasers are looking for ways to change. One place to start is with the 170 million notebook computers produced...
Supply Chain Sustainability
Jun 25, 2020    0
When considering sustainability in the supply chain, the first concepts that typically come to mind are solutions like green warehouse space or fuel-efficient trucks.Sustainability in the supply...
Corporate social responsibility
Apr 23, 2020    0
Legislation regarding the environment, modern slavery and other sustainable procurement laws are coming into force at a breakneck pace. By embracing change now and adopting ethical and sustainable...
Sustainable business
Apr 22, 2020    0
In 2020, you can bet your bottom dollar that consumers won’t be spending theirs on your products if you aren’t striving to operate sustainably. For years, naysayers have argued that the...
Sustainable procurement
Apr 20, 2020    0
Identify Your Sustainability Priorities To build a sustainable procurement process that complements your company’s core mission, the next step to take after conducting a thorough spend...
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