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Andy Wishart, Chief Product Officer at Agiloft, has 20 years of experience building innovative legal technology solutions. Prior to Agiloft, Andy was VP of Product Management at Thomson Reuters where he led a product management team focused on legal drafting and productivity solutions. Andy was co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Contract Express, the contract automation solution that Thomson Reuters acquired in 2015. He is passionate about enhancing lawyer productivity through smart and easy-to-use solutions. He has a degree in Artificial Intelligence and Psychology from the University of Edinburgh, where he also worked as a researcher and lecturer.

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How to Gain Agility in Your Purchasing and Contracting Processes
Sep 17, 2021    0

In today’s business world, time isn’t just money. Time is everything. To achieve a competitive advantage, procurement teams must complete their business objectives with more agility than ever.

But what does more agility in purchasing and contracting practices actually mean? How can a business adapt its existing operations to keep pace with industry leaders and mitigate high-level risk without sacrificing quality, compliance or reliability?

As today’s business...

Five Challenges Faced by Sourcing Professionals and How to Solve Them
Jul 27, 2021    0

Sourcing professionals around the globe face increasing challenges and demands, and that was true even before the pandemic. Siloed systems have historically slowed down the supplier onboarding and source-to-contract process.

But flexible contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions can enable new agility in the sourcing process, especially if they are extensible enough to bring sourcing professionals directly into the contract management process.

In order to find the right...