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Anne Riihimäki is an enthusiastic and highly experienced Marketing Executive with over 20 years of experience across strategic and operational roles.

Holding a master’s degree in Economics, she has worked with strong, international brands in a variety of industries, including Accenture, Reader's Digest, Telia Company and European Dynamics S.A. Anne has broad experience in ICT and over the last five years has been working for global procurement software companies. She has a passion for inspiring and motivating businesses on how to leverage digitalization in procurement. Anne firmly believes sustainability is integral to achieving lasting commercial success in every business sector and in society as a whole.

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Sustainable procurement
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Identify Your Sustainability Priorities

To build a sustainable procurement process that complements your company’s core mission, the next step to take after conducting a thorough spend analysis is to identify the blend of environmental, social and economic sustainability goals your organization both...

Sustainable Procurement
Mar 16, 2020    0

Sustainability is one of the most important trends of our time – and it looks set to dominate business discussions well into the foreseeable future. In fact, studies have made the case for sustainability to be considered a new type of competitive priority, joining quality, cost, reliability, timeliness, flexibility and...