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As General Manager of SAP Store Partner Solutions, Anne Yi focuses on helping customers discover, try and buy partner applications on SAP’s digital marketplace that complement and extend SAP technology and solutions. Anne is an experienced technology consultant and executive with a strong background in strategy, operations, change management, business development and marketing. She has over 30 years of work experience in consulting and technology for companies ranging from Fortune 500s to start-ups, and a track record of delivering tangible and sustainable results by intelligently connecting people, things and processes.

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Rethinking the Supply Chain Takes a Team Effort
May 17, 2021    0

The supply chain is an often overlooked, yet critical, component of businesses everywhere. For a long time, the focus around supply chains has always been on efficiency and cost reduction. But when COVID-19 hit, weaknesses within the supply chain became readily apparent as traditional management approaches and technologies left businesses underequipped to tackle the huge surges in demand. This problem quickly became widespread. Whether it was a shortage of toilet paper on the consumer side...