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Atul Vashistha is recognized globally as a leading expert on globalization, governance, and risk. He has authored three best-selling books: The Offshore Nation, Globalization Wisdom and Outsourcing Wisdom.

Atul pioneered the global sourcing advisory space in 1999 when he founded Neo Group and is also founder and Chairman of Supply Wisdom. Founded in 2012 as an early warning service for business disruption risk, today, Supply Wisdom® is the market leading patented real-time and continuous risk intelligence and monitoring solution.

Atul serves on the  boards of the US Department of Defense Business Board (Vice Chair), Shared Assessments, and Zemoga.

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Future of Resilient Sourcing
Jun 29, 2020    0

While the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, enterprises are looking beyond the current crisis with the hope of pandemic-proofing their supply chains and operations to build resiliency. But that view is too limited to build true resiliency. The next global business disruption crisis might be a pandemic, but it might also be something entirely different or so novel it's never been considered. Today's resilient enterprises need to embrace a mindset shift to view risk through a much...

May 11, 2016    0

Outsource: Atul, thank you very much for joining Outsource today at the SIG Summit. Can you start by introducing yourself and telling our readers a bit about NeoGroup?

Atul Vashistha: I am chairman of NeoGroup, a company I founded in 1999; I saw this opportunity in the globalisation of services – I felt that what had happened to manufacturing was going to happen to services. It definitely wasn’t the first one: companies like American Express, Texas Instruments,...