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Brent J. Anderson is a Principal and Co-Founder of Cast Iron Outcomes. Brent has over 30 years in tech marketing, with 20 years leading the marketing departments of independent IT service providers. Early in his career, he worked for a few of the country's leading brand development firms, but landed firmly in IT and Third-Party Hardware Maintenance in 2002. During his IT marketing career, he’s worked at four TPMs (Third Party Maintainers), helping two of them from their origins to become a recognized and successful business entity. In all instances, he managed these marketing departments and oversaw all marketing objectives, strategies and tactics. As a co-founder of Cast Iron Outcomes, he leads the organization’s service suite designed specifically for IT Service Providers (vendors), driving improved sales & marketing strategy and tactical deployment with measurable outcomes.

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Hybrid Hardware Support
Sep 06, 2019    0
As IT leaders have grown to embrace the principles of hardware lifecycle management to contain IT costs, but also to maintain budget agility for sudden-surprise business drivers, more than 50% of the world’s enterprise IT departments are now opting-in to Hybrid Hardware Support models. 
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