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Brett Sipes has more than 20 years of experience in providing international tax services. He joined Global Tax Network in 2006 and currently serves as Managing Director for GTN's Pacific region. He is responsible for providing global mobility tax compliance and consulting to mobile employees and their employers. Prior to joining GTN, Brett worked in the global mobility area and in international executive services with Big 4 accounting firms. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Northwestern College and is a CPA.

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Why the C-Suite Needs To Align With HR on Employee Mobility Issues
Jun 23, 2021    0

A landslide of remote work requests is crashing into businesses, and it’s revealing alarming holes in the way corporations are managing employee mobility. Chances are, remote work is already bogging down your HR department, and if you don’t act soon, your company and employees could be exposed to global tax compliance and employee incentive problems.

Most C-suite executives know the remote work revolution is coming, but not all see the pressing reasons to align with HR on...