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Cassandra Julin is heading the global PR work at Normative, the world’s first carbon accounting engine, helping businesses calculate their entire climate footprint, reduce their greenhouse gas emission and reach net zero. She has extensive experience in driving change for a more sustainable future. She holds an LLB in English and European Laws, an LLM in European Business Law from the University of Essex, and is a candidate for an MBA in circular economy from the University of Bradford. Normative sets a new standard for scientific accuracy in emissions accountancy, powered by its market-leading emissions database.

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Corporate value chain emissions – also referred to as Scope 3 emissions – account for 92% of an average business’s emissions.
Apr 19, 2022    0

Today, most businesses operate in a linear economy. We use materials to produce products and when we’re done using those products we discard them as waste – the “take, make, and waste” system.

In a circular economy, we keep materials and resources in circulation as long as possible, without producing any waste.

Fundamental principles in a...