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Charmel Rhyne is Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Director for Onit, a global leader of workflow and artificial intelligence platforms and solutions for procurement, legal, compliance, sales, IT, HR and finance departments. She has more than three decades of experience in technology with companies such as SAP and Apttus, with nearly 10 of them focused exclusively on contract management technology. During her average day, she can be found advising Fortune 500 companies on CLM best practices, working hand-in-hand with product management to develop new and innovative technology features and roadmaps, and helping to shape the CLM vision at Onit. 

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Until recently, contract management was a predominantly manual process.
Jun 30, 2022    0

When it comes to business, there’s a lot of talk about efficiency. The concept of efficiency, however, differs for larger corporations. When poor processes, communications and technologies prevail, the consequences are substantial. These inefficiencies hinder collaboration, visibility, compliance and, ultimately, growth.

The need for efficiency is especially prevalent in the legal industry, where the demand for contract lifecycle management (CLM) technology has skyrocketed. The...