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Christian is a healthcare consultant for SHC Pacific LLC, a boutique healthcare consulting firm located in Newport Beach, California. He has spent his career in a variety of healthcare roles from coast-to-coast including risk management, legal affairs, and supply chain. He has strategically sourced over $500m in healthcare agreements and saved IDN clients $50m+ throughout his career. Similarly he has led digital transformation initatives in the supply chain, HR, finance, and sourcing spaces for large IDN clients. When not in the office, he can generally be found running amok in the National Parks and Forests of the Southwest with his family. 

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Behavioral Data in Negotiations
Mar 30, 2020    0

Knowing the behavioral history of a supplier prior to negotiations is essential to understand the reasons why a supplier is likely to offer optimal prices and service level agreements (SLA).

In the past, siloed and in-person negotiations often revealed insights about supplier behavior, but these insights were usually ignored because there was no empirical way for a sourcing professional to capture, share, and leverage this behavioral data cross-functionally.

Now, with the...

Supplier and Sourcing Relationships
Feb 26, 2020    0

Imagine a scenario where a zealous sourcing manager at a Fortune 100 company is in negotiations with a new middle-market regional landscaping services provider. The negotiation is for a seven-figure annual landscaping and maintenance contract at their regional corporate park.

The sourcing manager approaches the deal with the same fervor as she does with suppliers that are 100x larger. As such, during her negotiation with the neophyte landscaping company owner, she is able to...